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Unable to get the list

discuss pic 2020-10-10 02:03:25

Good morning professor.

Sorry to disturb you again. I’m french humanitarian working around the world. When i’m in the field i stay connected with friends and family with my website and I used tad modules since some years to do it. Now i have some times and i want to build a new one.

But i have some problems: (I'm in France)

In my Web Browser:

- When i try to visit campus-xoops.tn.edu.tw, (same with ip adress), i canot reach it: err_connection_timed_out)

With NordVpn and Tw server, it’s ok.

In my website:

- When i install webmaster tools for the automatics install and updates, i always obtain: unable to get the list. Same answer with my vpn.

- My website is in OVH on a mutual server.

Do you Know this problem or how to fix it? I have tried lot of things. Now i'm in a total new installation and i want to to it in a clean way.

Thanks by advance for you answer. And very thanks for all the very greats tad modules.

Have a good day (sorry for my english)


discuss pic 2020-10-12 11:39:13

Hi Sébastien

  1. You can try https://www.tad0616.net/modules/tad_modules/
  2. You can change the value of "Download the list source" to "https://www.tad0616.net" in tad_adm's preferences.
discuss pic 2020-10-12 15:25:11

Good morning professor, 

It's working now. Thanks a lot for your support.

Have a good day.


discuss pic 2020-11-09 20:40:28

主機在法國好像會被阻擋顯示 無法取得檔案清單

discuss pic 2020-11-09 21:23:33


到偏好設定將清單來源設為「 https://www.tad0616.net 」即可




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